Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rolls and Generations

Please note that I play with the randomized heir rule, but won't be announcing which child is heir until they're teen or YA. Shouldn't be too hard to guess, though.

Generation 1:
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Okay so at some point after these images he magically lost his stubble. I have no idea how.

pale skin, blue eyes, brown hair
athletic, equestrian, klepto, lucky, neat
Top of thief career LTW
Favorite color: black
Offspring: Elsie Ripley (with Kirk), unborn baby Snickerson (with Erika)
Pets gen 1: Spot (female zebra), Eastwood (male horse)
Pets gen 2: Bolt (male zorse), Magnolia (female zorse), the Unicorn (go ahead and guess)

Marital Status: Single Parent
Number of Children: Two
Primary/Secondary Income: Thief/Not Applicable
Generation Goal: Perfect Careers
Misc. Fun: Half-Siblings
Pets Goal: Perfectionist

Generation 2:

<to be announced>

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