Monday, January 2, 2012

Chapter 5: Departures

(Z: Shorter and more filler-like than I intended. Next "real" chapter will be up tomorrow.)

Altin's puppylove was to be shortlived. 

"Look, Altin, you're a great guy and all, but don't get attached, okay? I'm leaving town for a while...and I don't really do long distance stuff."

"What? Why? We haven't had any jobs go bad, I would have heard if anyone was on the run from the police. It's kind of my thing, remember? Why do you have to leave?"

"It's not a work thing. My dad's getting old, and he's not managing too well on his own anymore, you know? And he doesn't know about the Organization. He thinks I'm a teacher. If he finds out I spend my days committing grand theft, it'd break his I can't exactly just move him in with me here."

"You think you can hide it from him any better in...where are you even moving to?"

"Grey Meadow. It's on the other side of Bridgeport. And no, I don't. I'm retiring. Maybe I really will become a teacher." And then Kirk dropped her bombshell, one that didn't leave any room for negotiation, or cajoling, or bribing with a lifetime of sex and magical stolen diamonds. "And, uh...I'm kind of leaving tomorrow. I just have to get my final paycheck from the office."

Altin tried again the next morning anyway, as he was getting ready for the carpool and she was getting ready to break his big klepto heart, but she intercepted his intended embrace with a step backward and a reluctant smile. 

"Hands to yourself, Altin. You won't change my mind." Kirk arched an eyebrow at him and with a touch of accusation added, "I told you not to get attached..."

"Too late."

After a bout of pleading, Kirk finally consented to a ride -- literally, with the horses -- to work, which Altin dragged out as long as he could, walking her to the door of the office, where their whirlwind twenty-four hour long "relationship" had begun.

"So...are you flying to Grey Meadow, or...I could give you a lift to the airport..."

She gave him a Look. "Really? Flying? And what, Eastwood will be my carry-on bag?"

"Oh. Yeah. I guess that doesn't make sense...I could give you a ride all of the way. It could be a roadtrip! That'd be fun, I could take off work and--"

"Let it go, Altin. It's not going to happen." Kirk's voice went soft. "We're not going to happen. Stop trying to make it work, and just promise to drop by if you're in the area some time, okay? That's what normal people do in these situations."

"Normal people? You're a getaway driver named after a male space captain and I'm a dashing convicted felon on the run from the law, who is, might I add, incredibly handsome and an excellent catch and definitely worth living in a backwater rural town for..."


He hesitated, then nodded slowly. "Yeah. Okay. I'll look you up if I'm ever in the neighborhood. Alright? Right answer?"

"Right answer." She shook the fringe of hair out of her eyes and smirked. "Maybe we'll go for another ride, hm?"

"Oh, absolutely," Altin agreed. "I mean, you got to hang out with Spot, but I've barely had any time at all with Eastwood, and I think I'd be pretty good with a mustang, since Spot is basically a wild horse with stripes, right?"

Kirk just laughed and typed in the doorcode.

"Wait...what were you talking about? Did you mean riding with the horses, or...hey, Kirk, seriously, did you mean we could, uh...hold on, where are you going?"

"Goodbye, Altin."


  1. D :

    Well, at least I won't have to kill Kirk. I like her. But if she turned out to be a selfish bitch or something then I would've had to organize a revolt.

    I hope Altin's heart heals. (And seriously hunny, moving across the country to be with a girl who dumped you is NEVER the right way to go... just look at Questionable Content for proof!)

  2. That was sad. =(

    I'm gonna miss Kirk. Hopefully she'll pop up again though. I don't like these single parent rolls.

    Poor Altin, doomed to a life of loneliness.

  3. Poor Altin. =/ They seemed so perfect for each other.